Cosmic Musings

Cosmic Musings

An Exhibition of Moon Paintings

Cosmic Musings was born out of a need to create. I painted the first Moon Painting late in 2015 on a whim, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. There was a need to keep painting, to keep exploring. The moon kept calling to me.

I started to dive into mandalas and sacred geometry as inspiration for the paintings. The fact that geometric shapes are everywhere in nature is fascinating to me. The process has also become meditative for me– from mapping out the moons, painting layers upon layers for the skies, to adding the dots and geometric and cosmic lines. I tend to go with intuition rather than planning everything out for each piece. Getting lost in the process is the best part.

Cosmic Musings encapsulates everything that I find amazing in this world—the sky, the hidden shapes and math in nature, and the ever-changing sky above.

Moon Painting number 21
7.125″ x 22.5″

Cosmic Musings will open March 23rd and the show will be up until March 26th.

Miranda Kuo Gallery

136 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

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